A Beka Book Christian School Curriculum

Jesus Is Lord Academy where we use the A Beka Book video curriculum. Free Private Christian school see http://jilmi.org/School.html for detail (website still being updated if you live in Adams…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Robinson Curriculum, PocketCollege.com, A Conversation with Arnold Jagt

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8 Responses to A Beka Book Christian School Curriculum

  1. Elija Smith says:

    Omg who posted this /// 

  2. buzzywuzzyful says:

    Would totally fuck the Grade 1 teacher 10/10

  3. Hadassah Grinberg says:

    Wow look at Mr. Howe he looks totally different from present time !!!

  4. Isaac Lang says:

    I am no longer wondering on why Christian schools have the stereotype of
    lacking academically

  5. Jim Anderson says:

    Man, brings back memories from back when i was in school. I had Spanish and
    Chemistry on VHS from A Beka.

  6. Gaming Otaku says:

    Mr. Howe does look different

  7. Rachel Glasgow says:

    Mr. Howe!

  8. Sweet Pea says:

    Mr. Howe looks sooo different! Mr. Howe is so far my favorite teacher. 🙂

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