CFI-NYC | How I Survived My Religious Education: A Panel Discussion

In this panel discussion sponsored by the Center for Inquiry-New York City and All Souls Unitarian Church, three authors — William Lobdell, Rebecca Newberge…
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Plenary 3: Creationism, Religious Education and Faith Schools, Chair: Keith Porteous Wood; Panellists: Richard Dawkins, Terry Sanderson, Joan Smith, Bahram S…
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13 Responses to CFI-NYC | How I Survived My Religious Education: A Panel Discussion

  1. OutOfTheBoxThinker says:

    @Swh : It seems to me the vast majority of people feel an innate need to
    belong to a community, to a social construct greater than their individual
    self. Some seek it in religion, some seek it in nationalism, some seek it
    in comic book conventions, some seek it in secular social organisations,
    some seek it in various subcultures (eg. goth or punk subculture), some
    seek it in a UU church, etc. They’re trying to fill a void created by our
    individualist culture and many stick with whatever works.

  2. NotYourBusiness says:

    @RunLemmingRun Tell me again the point of a “church” that’s so watered down
    that you don’t even have to believe in a god to be a part of it? You can
    call that a church if you want, but you’re just living in a delusion if you
    do so. You might as well just have a BINGO party. As I said, it’s pathetic
    that people are so weak that they can’t give up the last vestiges of
    superstition and simply do something productive on Sundays.

  3. LITTLER0CKAR says:

    go, rebecca! get busy! it’s your birthday! leave Jesus!

  4. mdiem says:

    talk talk talk talk talk youtube comment comment comment blah blah blah,
    etc. great video. thumbs up.

  5. Swashbuckler says:

    Ahh. I really want to hear what Marilyn Mehr has to say!

  6. bary1234 says:

    Religion survives solely by lying to children. By keeping religion away
    from schools we can provide people proper knowledge and science and kill
    religion at the same time.

  7. NotYourBusiness says:

    Unitarians are more pathetic than Christians, Jews, or Muslims. They have
    the ability to think rationally, but can’t bring themselves to let go of
    the superstition, ritual, etc. that goes along with it. Under the guise of
    being “open-minded” and “accepting” of course.

  8. WrestlingHeretic says:

    @DraconisRex Exactly. I’m an atheist who loves to sing about Jesus in

  9. BoingotheClown says:

    At 0:28:39 there was a jarring jump from one speaker to another. Is there
    any particular reason for this?

  10. NotYourBusiness says:

    I have better things to do than hang out with people of “varying belief
    systems.” I’d avoid UU churches for the same reason I avoid comic book
    conventions; but at least most of those people don’t actually BELIEVE the
    made up stories they read. What’s the point of calling something a “church”
    if it’s just about a sense of community? The word is actually from the
    Greek kyriakon, meaning “the Lord’s house,” and is also related to the term
    “ekklesia,” signifying a Christian place of worship.

  11. brainbid says:

    I agree with BoingotheClown. Almost the entire speech from the ex-Mormon
    lady was missing, and the first part of Rebecca’s speech was cut off.

  12. DraconisRex says:

    @Sheldonwh There’s more to church than god-bothering. Many of us, who are
    atheists, go to a UU Church because we enjoy the “Church experience”
    without the bullshit of religion.

  13. aihpos1981 says:

    I really do not understand the debate. It is not really a debate at all. It
    is just a bunch of people from the SAME beliefs sharing their opinions. We
    have members of the Secular Society, UK secularists, gay rights activists,
    human rights activists and civil rights activist. Where are all the people
    of other faiths? they probably were not invitied. I just feel that a
    healthy debate would have a bunch of people we different opinions .

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