Christian Education – A Religious Education Method

Christian Education – A Religious Education Method

First let’s start with; what exactly is a good Christian education? Would this involve only learning religious text that supports the beliefs that Jesus is God? It seems like everyone coming out of Christian high schools and colleges support Christianity with a very limited education of the Bible and worse yet humanity.

I have had the pleasure to meet quite a few adults who consider themselves to be good Christians and are the products of a Christian education. Some of these people do things that are in direct violation of their Christian upbringing and worse than that violate simple laws of the Bible like the 10 Commandments. It seems like the better Christians can justify their wrongdoings somehow through religious text.

It’s almost like they were taught that that they’re better than other people, somehow they have beliefs that were instilled in them, quite possibly from the religious education, that they need to help people, even though most of them can hardly take care of themselves. They seem to always be looking for an opportunity to help someone in a very small way. Learn to take care of yourself and then you will be able to do a better job, teaching others to take care of themselves, instead of making your religious views, their religious views.

A Christian education almost guarantees the survival of Christianity. More and more Christians are sending their children to this Christian high school in the hopes of a better life. Following Jesus will also guarantee them a spot in heaven, what a relief. With this thinking, society has to deal with other problems like abortion, starvation, and of course the worst one of all, an illusion of the truth. Most Christians believe they are right and others aren’t in this doesn’t allow much room for negotiating.

This is a way of thinking and keeps their minds closed as fears from false prophets enter their minds. If non-Christians are talking about their religion in a negative way, it’s almost an automatic reaction from their Christian education that these people could be corrupted or influenced by demons. Has it ever entered a Christian’s mind that may be; just maybe it’s their religious leaders who are evil and its people like me who are teaching the truth. Think about this last statement before you put me in a box, with the rest of the evil Christian hatemonger.

The Christian impact on our society in the United States is getting worse as more Christian leaders are elected into the United States government. Believing that you are right and others are wrong doesn’t make you right. Hitler during World War II convinced a country that he was right and it leads them to destruction.

This article was written by Danielle Brugger, alumni from Lansing Christian School Essex County. Danielle Brugger is a huge proponent of Christian high school and is dedicated to the promotion of Classical Christian education. For more log on to:

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