Closing Mass@Religious Education Congress 07

Closing Mass@ Religious Education Congress with Liturgical violations.
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  1. DrPohteeyeh says:

    If you’re going to do something, do it correctly, glass is not permitted
    for the simple reason it’s easily breakable/fragile. where as other
    materials are stronger.

  2. dacatholicbandorgan says:

    Liturgical Abuse after Liturgical abuse. So sad.

  3. petermanz12 says:

    Pope Paul VI is turning in his grave

  4. janeway529 says:

    @phati129 Perhaps, it is not I that needs to read a scholarly book on the
    subject. Otherwise, you would know I was purely stating a fact and not

  5. AnotherAppleMacbook says:

    I swear, haha he went OUT OF HIS WAY to break as many rules as he possibly

  6. JohnBelz says:

    What a Novus Ordo Mess. Applauding during Mass? No chalices, just glass
    pitchers. Really bad. And tacky Protestant style hymns.

  7. Jesus Gonzlez says:

    Is there anyway I can see the whole mass? Have you uploaded the whole
    thing? I was wondering. I would love to see it.. Im curious.

  8. DeliciousEnergyDrink says:

    To anyone watching this – this does NOT represent the Catholic faith. This
    is an abomination of our liturgy. Quite sickening actually.

  9. themickb says:

    … wow. just wow.

  10. Matthew Gagliardi says:

    Bring back the Tridentine Mass!!!

  11. janeway529 says:

    @phati129 You have Constantine to thank for that.

  12. FCPALERMO says:

    why cant i see the video just moved new area i5

  13. DrPohteeyeh says:

    Deo Gratias I wasn’t there.

  14. catholicarchangel says:

    I almost threw up watching this. But I can say to “cardinal” mahony Nah-nah
    Nah-nah Nah-nah Nah-nah Nah-nah hey hey hey good bye!!!!

  15. Joshua Speed says:

    Horrible horrible Novus Ordo Protestant Mass, the end of the Catholic
    Church. Shame.

  16. dacatholicbandorgan says:

    The Novus Ordo Mass is Valid but this one is most certainly not.

  17. phati129 says:

    The church looks very paganistic

  18. MusicDirector25 says:

    This is absurd, and is, sadly, a good representation of the atrocities that
    are occurring at parishes throughout the archdiocese. Pitchers of wine, and
    could the music possibly be any worse??

  19. GasconyKid says:

    In the case of the invalid Novus Ordo “Mess”, it probably doesn’t really
    matter whether glass or gilt chalices are used; it’s clearly not a valid
    Mass, due to clear defect in form, matter and, considering that the
    arch-modernist and manifest heretic “Cardinal” Mahoney was presiding,
    INTENTION! I couldn’t bear watching the rest of this abomination, but I’m
    certain that the invalid Novus Ordo “cookie” was placed in the paws of
    “communicants” by lay “Eucharistic Ministers”, for the most part.

  20. ireallyloveyou2011 says:

    it isnt even in the cathedral , its in a arena , ITS AN A ARENA , IT ISNT

  21. artyfarty2 says:

    Child abuse in action! Happy clapping halfwits!

  22. Charles Martell says:

    Oh heavens this makes me ill to watch. I simply cannot imagine seeing this
    syrupy tripe as a representation of Catholicis. It is horrfiying. I live in
    this diocese and am humiliated by this. This video makes the best case I
    can consider for allowing for the election of the Cardinal but perhaps
    Mahoney might win anyway. God protect us from the mundacity of this man.
    How can you sleep at night Cardinal mahoney….how?

  23. apeppink says:

    Hoo Boy. You’re telling me. Not much of a sense of the Sacred there. Nor
    with the dancing (your comment below).

  24. Joshua Speed says:

    So so so sad and tragic–this cathedral needs to be destroyed by an
    earthquake. Liturgical abuse after liturgical abuse. This cathedral doesn’t
    even look Catholic., and the Mass resembles a Methodist service. And these
    dumb sheepish Los Angeles Novus Ordo modernist Catholics just swallow it
    whole. A real tragedy. So sad.

  25. Michael Mount says:

    Ugh. These wacky go happy, singing and dancing super liberal Catholic
    Churches make me sick.

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