Education in USA

Education in USA

Since your children were born, you have probably been learning about the education system of the country where you live in, and certainly by the time your children start school you will have amassed a large body of knowledge. Then suddenly you have to relocate to the USA and it feels like you are back to the beginning again. Here are we discuss about the system and structure of education in the USA, how it is legislated and funded, the differences between schools and what to look for when you visit a school. It will tell you what you need to know to start exploring the educational options for your child or children and put you on the path to finding the school the best suits your family’s values and your child or children’s educational needs.

Educational System in USA

Education in the USA is governed and funded on the Federal and the State level. This leads to variations in the curriculum and the quality of schooling from state to state, and from area to area within the state. In choosing where to live, it is important to know what type and kind of educational provision is funded and provided in that particular area. What follows is an overview of Federal and State control.

Laws & Regulations of USA Education

The control of public education is quite complex and diversified as funding comes from the national, state, and local school district. The majority of school funding comes from local property taxes so there are major inequalities in the standard of education from one location to another. While mandates may be imposed at the Federal level they must be funded by the local school district.

Depending on the state you are in, education is mandatory for children in the USA age 5 or 6 through age 16 or 18. There is no standardized national curriculum in the USA, with educational content determined by the state, which makes USA education unique from many other nations. However, there are several options available to parents in determining the educational path their children will follow, including public, private, parochial, boarding and home schooling.

Local School Districts

All Children who reside within a school district’s boundaries are entitled to attend school in that district at no charge as long as they can provide proof or residency. If space in one particular school is constrained, the district must provide equivalent public schooling within the same district. Public schools also must offer services for students with disabilities and for those who are not proficient in the English Language.

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