GCSE RS Unit 3.3 – Marriage & Family Life in 5 Minutes | by MrMcMillanREvis

This 5 minute tutorial is designed for revising Topic 3 (Marriage and Family Life) from the Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies (Religious Education) Course. This…

The 1st of 3 videos designed for revising Topic 1 (Belief in God) from the Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies (Religious Education) Course. This is suitable for …
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30 Responses to GCSE RS Unit 3.3 – Marriage & Family Life in 5 Minutes | by MrMcMillanREvis

  1. Buket Kerim says:

    Hello ^.^

    I just want to say that I really like your videos and I find them really
    helpful but it would be great if u could also include GCSE Unit 8 (Rights
    and Responsibilities – Environment and Medical Issues – Peace and Conflict
    – Crime and Punishment).

    Thank you.

  2. beastyBOBO says:

    sooooooo useful thank you!!

  3. freya Woods says:


  4. Patrick Majchrowski says:

    sweg swerf smerf 

  5. Uzumaki Uchiha says:

    You only give Christians and Catholic views… 

  6. charlotte franklin says:

    I got an A in my R.E mock exam thank you so much Mr McMillan for all the
    videos you created this helped me a lot with my R.E considering i’m
    unteachable and my target grade was a D 🙂 thankyou

  7. Jade P says:

    Night before my mock exam

  8. HeyLookItsLucy says:

    How different are AQA and edexcel? And if my exam board is AQA could I
    still use these videos to revise from? :)

  9. TheGodexists1 says:

    The Creator of the universe cannot be preceded by non-existence; otherwise,
    He would need another god to create Him; and that god, if he is preceded by
    non-existence, would need another god and so on. Thus, we would have an
    endless chain of gods without reaching a causeless cause to be the source
    of the existence of the universe. Then we have to deny the existence of the
    universe. We would also have to deny ourselves because we are a part of the


  10. mariyum Islam says:

    Thank you so much. I love the style you present in. Can you please do RE
    Edexcel GCSE Unit 1 and Unit 12?

  11. Franny Bass says:

    You got me an A in RS! Thank you so much! 

  12. lynahy campbell says:

    your videos are so helpful, thanks a million …. any chance you could do a
    couple on the marks gospel section

  13. fulful yulyul says:

    This is the first time ever that I have genuinely found Re
    interesting.Thank you :)

  14. Nia Simmins says:

    Thank you, my exams on Monday ‘:)

  15. Dagenate G says:

    Is this for igcse as well?

  16. siri muraka says:

    Thank you so much for this video. Its really helpful for me and is really
    easy to understand. Also you say that everything that exists has a cause
    and that the cause of the universe was God but what/ who was the cause of

  17. josef mulat says:

    RE mock tomorrow…

  18. Victoria Waters says:

    Really helpful video 🙂 Thank you

  19. Mario Dennis says:

    dude you’re really good

  20. JunalynPena28 says:

    gonna be up all night watching all of your videos

  21. Emily Harman says:

    Finding these all really useful for a day before the exam overview, thank

  22. muntasir sarker says:

    *Vary Useful* .Have a exam tomorrow. I will fail

  23. shay brack says:

    Best pray to pass these exams

  24. Fatnoodle says:

    thanks for helping 😀 you make revision somewhat fun 🙂 btw do you know any
    good quotes that would be handy? 

  25. Tia Xiao says:

    this has saved me from failing R.S. Thanks. 

  26. iHinuhinu says:

    A* here I come! Going to show this to all my friends and RE teachers! your
    videos are actually so helpful, thank you so much! 

  27. Adele Harris says:

    We watched this in our RE revision lesson today- Realy Helpfull. Thank you

  28. Girlonthe Bench says:

    These videos are so helpful

  29. S Selai says:

    Thanks for making the videos, they’re really helpful. 

  30. Jordan Okeoma says:

    Please keep up the effort. It’s appreciated.

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