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14 Responses to Home Schooling – How it Works. ACE

  1. Bucketmouth Outdors says:

    Reading everyone’s comments has me so confused. My son is 4 and I plan on
    homeschooling him next year. We were planning on doing ACE programs. I
    understand that some people say the students in this program are not taught
    certain things, but could it be learned outside their workbooks? For
    example, even if the book doesn’t teach about specific topics in science or
    other religions, I could read to him about it and discuss it like we
    already do. Could he not get a GED if the school he is attending doesn’t
    accept his transcripts? What other programs would you suggest? I feel like
    I might be back to square one with picking a program. If I chose different
    programs, would that make it harder for colleges to accept him if he has a
    mix of all sorts of schools and curriculum?


  2. Oscarspet says:

    Anyone who is thinking of using the ACE Curriculum you need to be sure of a
    few things: 1. you want your child to be taught outright lies and
    misinformation about vital subjects such as science. I’m not talking about
    creationism vs. evolution, I’m talking about anything to do with science.
    For eg. physicists who have looked at the curriculum cannot believe how
    poorly it explains things and outright misinforms children about crucial
    details of our natural world.
    2. be sure you want your child to have to do all kinds of remedial work in
    order to be able to even get into most universities, and not just secular
    universities, many christian universities will not accept an ACE diploma.
    3. set aside funds for you child’s future therapy bills. they will need
    them. I have no idea how many of us have had to get over the
    religious/mental/physical/sexual abuse we suffered in these schools, but I
    have talked to too many to ignore that it is a problem.
    4. if your child has any learning difficulty/disability make sure you have
    lots of extra support to help the child get over the punishments they will
    get for having difficulty in working the so called curriculum
    5. if your child is creative or of above average intelligence, this system
    is sure to knock all that right out of them. they will be in their 30’s
    before they can have a creative thought again without feeling guilty.
    6. if you child is female, she will be insidiously taught in every subject
    how she is inferior to men and not good for anything other than mission
    work, teaching or nursing. she won’t be able to restore her self esteem
    without lots of therapy.
    7. if you want your child to become an atheist or agnostic, this is the
    perfect curriculum to achieve that. Most of us weren’t even out of school
    before we were able to actually research and discover how much of the stuff
    we were taught was outright lies.
    8. if you want your child to have social anxiety and difficulty in holding
    down jobs in the real world, many past students of some of the worst of the
    ACE schools depend on churches and welfare to survive or are on disability
    for anxiety disorders. I’ve talked to some of them. They blame ACE. So
    do I.

    Don’t believe me? You should I spent most of my school life in ACE and was
    taught at their Texas LAB school as a child. My parents worked for the
    company, my Dad was quite high up. Most of the people writing the
    curriculum are not even educated in the topics they write about. This is
    one of the biggest religious con games in existence.

  3. Christina Kelton says:

    I say this to parents, if you feel led to place your child into a private
    Christian school, please have a discerning mind and ask many, many
    questions. Ask about accreditation, about the teachers and their level of
    education, ask about nutrition or lunch plans, ask about the curriculum,
    ask to meet the person your child would go to if emotionally distraught,
    ask about special education, and ask to meet the nurses on site. There are
    plenty of Christian schools to choose from and ACE schools are not the only
    answer. In fact, they often don’t produce diplomas that colleges will
    recognize. Though it may be important to you find a faith-based school, it
    is important to remember that eventually your child may grow up to have
    goals, perhaps even faith-based goals such as becoming a pastor or a doctor
    who travels on mission trips. Imagine what it would be like to not be able
    to get into college because your diploma means nothing; this is a reality
    for many ACE children. It is a reality for me. I challenge parents to look
    to Christian schools that not only coincide with their values but also with
    their expectations of quality care and education of their children.

  4. Isaac Lang says:

    Any parent or school looking at using this curriculum to “educate” you kid
    I suggest you check out the “Leaving Fundamentalism: ACE” vlogs. WOW. Any
    parent that uses this or sends their kid to a school that uses this
    curriculum should be ashamed.

  5. Trending Talent says:

    Sounds like the problem was more in administration. Many, many families
    enjoy using PACEs in the homeschool setting. Our children are free to learn
    at their own. Looking at you, I’m going to guess you were in an ACE school
    probably in the 80s or 90s? (I’m only seeing a thumbnail.) They’ve come a
    long way since then, and even in the past 5 years. Also, I’m not sure why
    you never read literature as there is a TON of literature in the program
    from 2nd-8th, and then in English PACEs from 9th+.

  6. Shadowrose3820 says:

    Why do people not like ACE?

  7. Kelsey Dierksen says:

    There were problems with my school more than the curriculum in some areas.
    I should have graduated at 16 and instead I was forced to repeat until 18.
    I enjoyed working on my own, but I would supplement , and definitely make
    sure to have them in lots of extra curriculars and group classes if you’re
    set on ACE. I felt so smart in school and all of a sudden I was dumb post
    ACE. It sucked.

  8. Donovan Burkett says:

    I love ACE! This was my curriculum when I was in school. Now it is my
    children’s, and they are learning at amazing rates of speed!

  9. Kelsey Dierksen says:

    I was not challenged at all. I was continually made to repeat years because
    I finished “too fast”. So much for at your own pace, right? I learned a lot
    yeah, but we never read literature. There were just so many holes in my
    education. :S I was not taught world vision, which for a Christian should
    be key as well.

  10. chodaboy51500 says:

    Home schooling with ACE and how to keep your child ignorant and diminish
    their opportunities in life. This is child abuse, pure and simple.

  11. Kelsey Dierksen says:

    Are you a survivor as well?

  12. steezy13f says:


  13. Anne Gregor says:

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  14. anamul haque says:

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    it)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my auntie got amazing
    results with it.

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