Opening Song – 2013 LA Religious Education Congress

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“Finding Catholic Game Changes” Los Angeles Religious Education Congress 2012.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to Opening Song – 2013 LA Religious Education Congress

  1. SuperDarkMan12TV says:

    This is a disgrace….

  2. jnuval says:

    It’s a Traditional Hymn called, “View That Holy City”, typically found in
    the African American community. The arrangement is done by ValLimar Jansen
    and Frank Jansen. 🙂

  3. Kurtis Kiesel says:

    Incorrect statistic: Catholic Divorce rate has dropped to 25% in the last
    two decades as a result of Precana.,

  4. ricardotaiwan says:
  5. Jack Landwehr says:

    his book is awesome!!!!

  6. Hector Ramirez says:

    Whats the name of his book?

  7. honkeyness says:


  8. Ben Fitton says:

    “Jesus didn’t have guitars…” Haha he’s awesome.

  9. MSBECCA77 says:

    love this guy!

  10. Reina Murillo-dolmo says:

    Love him!.

  11. Francisco Guerra says:

    Ignorance and Autonomous self-righteous disrespect… And that’s just your
    initial phrases, Dr. R :O I think you read and do not !!! P_eace be with
    you sir 🙂

  12. Milburn Cherian says:

    So you living on swine food, grape juice and wafers? No Real Banquet in
    your Father’s house anymore? Took your inheritance from the church and
    squandered it?

  13. kmwestonkm says:

    Real practical ways to increase your spirituality, especially as a Catholic.

  14. John Krajewski says:

    Matthew’s talk is a game changer

  15. Richtofen says:

    I got one too and im not even catholic anymore. I skimmed through it, made
    me laugh. Searched this guy up just to see how money-hungry and stupid he
    his. Fucking church always asking for more money. Have fun being a slave
    once more to the mass-murdering, child-raping theif pope. HEIL FURHUR POPE!

  16. Milburn Cherian says:

    Well, give your denomination 2000 years and you’ll beat the Catholics
    hollow with the atrocities you talking about, already looks like you’re
    heading for Hell and continue to live in your blindness. The Catholic
    Church is like Noah’s Ark even if 8 people survive in it.

  17. honkeyness says:

    Changing the mass? We’ve done that. Should we make it even more modern? The
    game changer is to give Catholics something to fight for. When Arabs were
    killing our people in the 10th century, Catholics rallied in defense. We
    are under attack again and our response seems to be “if you can’t beat’em,
    join em”. Where are the Catholic Bishops to rally the people? Why will they
    not identify the enemy?

  18. Annie G says:

    I got a free Rediscover Catholicism from our parish, and it really pulled
    me back to Church. I am forever grateful to Matthew and his staff. May God
    bless them always.

  19. Milburn Cherian says:

    Please read the mystical writer Maria Valtorta’s five volume series ‘The
    Poem Of The Man-God’, recommended by Father Padre Pio also. It’s an AMAZING
    detailed account of Christ’s three years of ministry by Christ Himself
    relating it to the writer. It took me sixty days to finish reading it from
    morning to night every day. It’s a must, must read to understand the New
    Testament fully. It’s all that you ever wanted to hear from Christ Himself.

  20. Chromehounds96 says:

    Same first and last name as me, but mine is spelt Mathew Kelley

  21. Richtofen says:

    I always love the irony of “peace be with you”. Considering the church has
    committed some of the worst attrocities in human history.

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