Preparing for your GCSE and lifetime career

Preparing for your GCSE and lifetime career

Whether you have your career all planned out with a definite goal in mind, or choose to be done with schooling and elect to grab the first job that comes along, the General Certificate of Secondary Education or GCSE must be completed first. Once the exams are taken, and passed, you will then move on to further studies and move on down the path of higher education. Although the courses can be challenging they are also packed full of rewards. With a wide variety of courses from which to select, the next few years will be exciting and fulfilling for every student.

From the age of 15 the real studying begins

Called the “higher education” route in the UK, GCSE courses have the advantage of providing a firmly established and generalized set of lessons that will prove to be of benefit for every student. The two years of schooling that begin with the 15 year old student will give them a broad and thorough education that enables them to fit in with most areas of expertise in the working world. Deciding on programmes to fit a student’s talents and desires will help determine that persons future path. Many in this age group have not yet made up their minds just what they wish to do with their lives yet and the choices in GCSE courses can help with the decision as to where to go from here.
A General Education means just that

Among the courses available when completing a GCSE and taking the exams to complete this, the final two years of compulsory education at the high school level, is a wide variety of interests and vital subjects. Students can choose to go beyond the core or compulsory subjects which include general mathematics, English, and computer study. Let’s look into some of the courses available to students:

1. Mathematics including general math, basic algebra, trigonometry.
2. English basics and writing essays
3. Accounting and applying math to the work place
4. Biology
5. Computer Studies
6. Chemistry
7. Geography
8. Economics and Physics
9. Art
10. Business Studies
11. Economics
12. Foreign Languages

Beyond the basics opens up an exciting world of knowledge

Those who elect to progress onward and upward to higher education beyond the GCSE level can expect to be challenged and also rewarded with a vast knowledge in their chosen subject or career path. Medicine, the arts, and computer courses are among the most popular career paths chosen today and getting that GCSE is the beginning of future for many students who choose that course of action for their future career.
Even without a chosen field the GCSE is necessary and beneficial

Many young students who are barely 15 years of age do not know precisely what they may wish to do as a career for the rest of their lives and this is very normal. Taking a variety of courses enables the student to make decisions based on what they like or do not appreciate. One may find they have an aptitude for mathematics for example and choose to move on to higher education within that general guideline. Becoming a teacher themselves is another pathway that is popular with many students. Obtaining a level of higher education is an individual thing and one that will best be determined with the educating of a student on many levels of expertise. Then perhaps they will choose to move on to the next step which is A Level courses aimed at their chosen field.

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