Religious Studies and Homeschooling

Religious Studies and Homeschooling

There are some individuals who choose to home school their children because they want to provide a religious foundation that may be lacking in their area schools. Incorporating religious studies into the learning environment is quite easy. There are many simple activities that can be created to include your religious preferences and ideals as part of your children’s learning experience.
There are a number of religious organizations that offer religious themed curriculums. Some of these organizations include Home Study International which is a Seventh Day Adventist group that provides distance learning materials for home schooled children. For those of the Jewish faith the Online School for Young Shluchim provides a distance learning education via the internet. When seeking the assistance of religious curriculums for your children from an organization you should ask if they are accredited as some are. Accreditation may or may not be important to you personally but there are some benefits to this. Use of the internet can also be of assistance in finding faith based curriculums. Using the message boards on religious sites and posting your interest in obtaining religious activities for your children should yield some results.

One of the best ways to find information on religious materials to teach your children is by seeking the counsel of a major religious sect and asking if they know of organizations that provide learning materials or if they would be interested in sharing their learning materials. If your place of worship offers a Sunday school you can ask the teacher where he or she obtains the materials they use for lessons. Religious summer camps also have access to religious materials and activities and they could also be of assistance.
If you are interested in creating you own religious activities for your children’s home education you should be creative. Using your holy book such as the Qur’an, the Torah or the Bible as the main reading material is suggested. Many religious publishers have made children’s religious texts that have illustrations along with easy to read text. This can be used as the main reading material and as your child’s reading and comprehension level increase you can introduce him or her to the original religious text. You could also reenact parts of a religious story with your children in play form to help them comprehend the moral aspects of the story. Another great idea is to listen to religious music and have the children form their own band and sing along.

Teaching your children religious values while simultaneously providing them with an education can be easily done with your dedication.

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