Religious Studies News – GCSE Exam Tips #1

A quick four steps to success guide for how to answer the 6 mark GCSE exam questions for the AQA RS paper.
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GCSE Religious Studies Edexcel Exam Tips

Video Rating: 5 / 5

24 Responses to Religious Studies News – GCSE Exam Tips #1

  1. Ciara C says:

    Thank you for this it really helps!

  2. Robert SM says:

    i hate how all the statements in the questions are so ridiculously blunt. 

  3. trollercoaster99 says:

    trips. I be getting B in RE, thx bruh

  4. Lamara Llama says:

    well you have done better than my RE teacher ever had 🙂 Thnx

  5. Diyar Muhamed says:

    good video, yeah

  6. Mahmzo says:


  7. Daniel Redfearn says:

    Thank you for these resources sir. Very useful

  8. mclarenguy22 says:

    Thank you ever so much for this. My RS exam commences on 20th May 2014.
    Your teaching is very engaging (love the end; ”No angry birds.”). I feel
    very confident thanks to you.

  9. jxmes says:

    tomorrow lol hate r.e. 

  10. Ollie Bithell says:

    GCSE tomorrow – A* here I come.

  11. peterc1232010ify says:

    Thank you, very usefull and imformative!

  12. Ella Jade says:

    Mines friday morning this was helpful

  13. george roberts says:


  14. thehdgaminglads says:

    tomorrow :/

  15. Flo Hope says:

    Monday 🙁

  16. gamecoolguy619 says:

    have you got test on monday

  17. iBridz01 says:

    Pointless laser…..

  18. Harry Moore says:


  19. The BOSS says:

    test on friday

  20. The BOSS says:

    got my a*, 100% in the exam!!!!

  21. Kaleb Read says:

    I do

  22. killermybut says:

    Thanks for this video

  23. gamecoolguy619 says:

    can you give me sites from where i can revise from

  24. helenlatham8 says:

    love it. am working my way through the tutorials. thanks. ps where do you
    get your power music from??

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