RS GCSE Religion & Society: Section 1 – Rights and Responsibilities Revision

GCSE Religious Studies Edexcel Revision for Unit 8 Religion and Society Christianity and Islam Section 1 Rights and Responsibilities Revision.
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The 4th of a series of videos designed for revising Topic 2 (Matters of Life and Death) from the Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies (Religious Education) Course. This is specifically for students…

16 Responses to RS GCSE Religion & Society: Section 1 – Rights and Responsibilities Revision

  1. SilverBubblez says:

    very useful video!
    loved the music too

  2. Karnan Aruliah says:

    Helpful video, the music was perfect for the video, made me want to keep
    watching 🙂

  3. itssss NayNay says:

    Thanks i needed this 🙂

  4. 1XDylanX1 says:

    Thanks helped allot!

  5. Lydia Makrionitis says:

    Just a small correction!
    The word or the term euthanasia derived from the Greek (Eu+thanatos). In
    etymological terms this is a case of conflation and it means good death –
    merciful death, and NOT “easy death” as the video states.

  6. benjamin tai says:

    this has been helpful thanks!

  7. Chloe Broughall says:

    How do I get rid of the subtitles I can’t see what’s behind them? 

  8. Zahoor Ramzan says:

    Thanks, most of it is linked so should hopefully help for my exam tomorrow.

  9. Andyres Garcia says:

    Going through these to make sure I know my stuff for tomorrow. I WILL BE

  10. Arien Cartwright says:

    Wow, these videos are the most helpful videos i have ever seen on RE, after
    watching all your videos i have learnt more than the 2 year course which is
    soon to end. Again thank you very much, gives me a basic knowledge on the
    ideas and thoughts of christian . What i would appreciate is if you made
    videos on the Islamic views towards each topics before the 12th of May.
    Thank you again.

  11. mark nickson says:

    these videos are class, i have learned loads. KEEP IT UP!!!

  12. Optic-ModsX says:

    Good video’s man, got Human Relationships and Medical Ethics exam for the
    OCR examboard. Are these video’s good for the OCR examboard? :P

  13. Kirtana says:

    Was this made on Powerpoint? By the way, thanks for this, helpful for

  14. Masuma Begum says:

    Very helpful thankyou (:

  15. EDMlad says:

    Awww christ my AQA ethics is on Tuesday this is much needed!

  16. Hugh B says:

    This is Hugh Balfe hi class

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