Spend religious South India Holiday

Spend religious South India Holiday

South India might be popular in all over the world for its beaches, hill stations and Kerala spa but there is much more than that here. The pilgrims know how much a south India visit means to them and in what number you will find the ancient temples here.

Nature is the most beautiful thing in this world. When you are in the lap of nature, you forget all the worries of life and with every fresh breath you want to enjoy your life. The golden light of rising sun when falls in lush greenery of mountains, you feel like living your life one more time and every day from the day on will be as fresh as the air there. Calm and serene beaches make you think about the happy and gloomy moments of your life, jungle fills you up with excitement and rivers rejuvenate a new life in you. If you want to enjoy the nature, there are lots of options for you in South India Tour Packages. Not only the nature lovers come here but there is much more to enjoy.

South India’s flora and fauna is much different then North India’s. There are a few common varieties of animals and plants that you will find but the entire wild life experience in these two tours will be entirely different. One major difference you will find in the packages is that in north Indian packages you will find only hill stations, while in South India Holidays trips you can also enjoy beautiful beaches like Kovalam, Kanya Kumari, Malpe, Allapuzza along with wild life adventures. Most of the beaches in South India are accompanies by wild life sanctuaries and national parks. There are various backwater tour packages and house boat tours packages available in South India, apart from this hill stations like Ooty, Coonoor, Coorg are also very famous holiday spots.

People also come in South India to visit the most Muruga Temples. You can go for Arupadai Veedu tour in which you can visit the most important six temples of Lord Muruga in India. These six temples are called the six houses of Lord Muruga in which you can see the six stages of his life. It starts from where Lord got married, then where he vanquished the demon army, one is where, he has given updesham to his father Lord Shiva, and one is where he taught sage Agsthaya Tamil grammar and so on. These temples not only have religious importance but offer such breathtaking view to the visitor that uplifts the sole of everyone.

Navagraha Temple tour is also very interesting part of the South Indian tour. Navagraha literally means temple of nine planets. It is a cluster of nine temples in which seven temples are dedicated to seven different planets and one of it is dedicated to Sun and the ninth one to the moon. These nine temples are situated in nine different villages which are at commutable distance to each other and archeologically look very amazing.


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