The Catholic Church in Australia and Religious Education

A short presentation illustrating the historical changes to Catholic Church during late modernity and post-modernity periods and their implications for the Religious Education classrooms of Australia.
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“Seven Sharp” from New Zealand TV run a story on the increasing objection of parents to CRE being run in schools during class time. David Hines from the Secular Education Network is interviewed….
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15 Responses to The Catholic Church in Australia and Religious Education

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  7. Lucas .Anlezark says:

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  10. Jeff McClintock says:

    Note: We have no objections to “Religious Education” (about ALL religions)
    we welcome it. We object to “Jesus or nothing” Religious INSTRAUCTION
    classes run by outsiders during a time the school should be teaching the
    standard reading, writing and maths.

  11. narco73 says:

    Hosking needs to familiarize himself with the term “tyranny of the
    majority”. Just because there is only one parent in this case, it does not
    make it right to force the majorities opinion on the child of that parent.

    The only inclusive, neutral position to have, is that of taking no position
    on religion. And that is, not having religion instruction in schools.

    And he should also consider the difference between religious education and
    religious instruction. Most people, believers and non believers alike,
    would welcome (genuinely neutral) education about religion. It is when
    children are told that they must follow one religion that the problem

    It is also very unlikely that any genuinely neutral religious syllabus
    could be put into action, due to the beliefs of difference teachers.
    (although if it could, I would be all for it) Therefore, again, the only
    inclusive, neutral position to have, is to not take a stance at all.

    Hosking also seems to have gotten the whole thing backwards. It is not the
    secular parents saying what the schools can do, the problem is the school
    saying that they can ostracize children on the basis of religion. The
    secular parents are merely pointing out that this is not reasonable, and
    that everyone should be treated equally.

    He is also wrong in saying that it is the secular parents saying that
    religious instruction should not take place at their kids school, rather,
    it is the LAW ALREADY that this should not happen. This is why schools have
    to officially “close” whilst the classes are on. A school “closing” for the
    duration of religious instruction is a blatant side step of the law, a
    disregard to the intent of the law, and an insult to the children’s and
    parents’ rights.

  12. Lords M.C says:

    Seriously? He just compared religion to climate change??

  13. Brian Wheeler says:

    This is about Religious Instruction NOT Education – that’s the main
    problem. It should be an opt-in process not opt-out. Christians are now
    less than 50% of the population so why should it be the ONLY religion

  14. Kyle Webster says:

    It appears that Mike Hosking is a twat. 

  15. religionsinschool says:

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