The Problem of Evil and Suffering GCSE Religious Studies

This video addresses the main points of the evil and suffering argument and the Christian responses for Edexcel Religion and Life Unit 1 DISCLAIMER: I do not own the images, video content…

Pause the video and think of an answer then play to see if you got the question right.

9 Responses to The Problem of Evil and Suffering GCSE Religious Studies

  1. AngryAtheist says:

    Gee. This really helps out all those innocent children starving, hungry,
    abused, homeless and dying. What about their free will? Dumbass religion.

  2. paulskamoonska says:

    this video is about gcse re, its on the national curriculum for people to
    learn this.

  3. Ranokian says:

    Sorry, but what is re? I’m not British, so I don’t know.

  4. Bam Kovacs says:

    you really havent thought about what you said right there -_- think before
    you say

  5. lacontrabasse says:

    The Creator of your Universe sincerely regrets the suffering caused by your
    creation. The Creator has posted a video on YouTube. The message comes to
    you directly, without the need for translation, transcription or
    interpretation by iron-age scribes, or analysis by a philosopher. The video
    tells you how you came to be here, outlines the meaning and purpose of your
    life, and gives you an insight into the future of humankind. See ‘ God says
    sorry ‘.

  6. Ranokian says:

    Can I politely disagree? According to a lot of Christians, their God is
    almighty and wants us (us in we humans) to help people. And we can help all
    we want, we will not be able to solve huge problems like hunger, wars etc.
    He (God) doesn’t lift a finger.. He is the one and only entity in the
    universe who can change humanity for the better with a single thought. And
    he doesn’t do it.

  7. moist cat says:

    omg love thissss xxxxxxxxx

  8. Christopher Smith says:

    Jim Jefferies – God loves the stupid watch it

  9. Ranokian says:

    Who are we to question God? First of all, if there is a God, he is no by
    means more moral than a person who sees a guy drowning and does nothing.
    According to you: God says: I want you to help people.. And I f I may add:
    cause I’m not doing it. I own it to the human intellect to criticize such a

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