What is Religious Education?

A video, aimed at primary age children, about the ins and outs of Religious Education.
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This movie briefly covers the fisrt lesson for grade seven Religious Education. It presents a scenario where an individual is descriminated against because o…
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4 Responses to What is Religious Education?

  1. types10000 says:

    Religion teaches you not to discriminate? – that’s a laugh, the entire
    notion of religion is based on discrimination, you are taught to believe
    that one group is saved and everyone else is going to hell. – furthermore
    whilst some high school Religion classes might teach you ‘why other people
    beleive different things’, that certainly isnt what it does at the primary
    school level where it indoctrinates by teaching mythos as fact.

  2. dumplingandtt says:

    You obviously are not in the education system. The prinary school system
    does not teach nyths as fact. In fact the approach is exactly the same as
    in the high schools. The difference is that they focus on caribbean and
    african influenced religions and the high school broadens the scope and
    teaches world religion. Go get yourself familiar with the curriculum

  3. Saurumanx says:

    We need to stop skinny blacks from discriminating against Catholic

  4. dumplingandtt says:

    Besides the purpose of R.E. is to trach acceptance if differences in views.
    The video did not say that religion teaches us not to discriminate it says
    R.E. Teaches us not to. Secondly descrimination is required for survival.
    You discriminate every time you choose a brand vs another one. The students
    are taugh the forms of discrimination that are socially unacceptible eg
    discriminating against a person because of different beliefs. Please pardon
    any typos i am not familiar with this touch screen

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