Testimony, sorry 🤦🏽‍♀️ long read

The next challenge on Aug.3rd will be mandatory for you to follow this plan & I will be keeping track by looking at your daily macros. its only as hard as you make it, I still have chocolate or pizza if I want, but I make sure it lines up with my macros & I have eaten healthy throughout the day first....I was going to wait to post, but I must say that I know who’s serious when they are Constantly asking for nutrition advice.Y’all are killing it in the gym & I am proud of each & everyone of you, but remember nutrition is 80% the way to achieve any results.This past week I took a client to another level. She was telling me how she felt hungry & sluggish after eating her calories. So I introduced her to a more intense plan, which is counting macros. Her body needed a certain gram of protein, carbs, & fat. Which goes to my next discussion, quit the fad diets. If you can’t do it for the rest of your life then leave it alone! I’ve tried vegan, keto, pescatarian, water fasting for 72 hrs, dry fasting for a day (no water or food), & I even did a liquid diet with a weekend meal 30 days before our wedding & successful lost close to 30 lbs & gained it all + more back when i started eating normal. most of this has great benefits, but are only temporary. Our bodies need the correct amount of macros daily. This client not only feel better, but Look better!!! This is the app & my coach ID that you will be required to join if you participate in the next challenge. If you want to start tracking Macros now let me know.

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